Roy Buchanan – Live At My Father’s Place, 1973 (CD)

Live At My Father’s Place, 1973 (CD)

Though he never achieved major stardom, Roy Buchanan is regarded as one of the purest blues guitarists of all time, with an instantly recognisable Telecaster sound. Following an apprenticeship stretching back to the 1950s, his debut album – featuring the classic Sweet Dreams – was released in 1972. This superb live set was broadcast on WLIR-FM, and finds him on peak form on a selection of tracks that cover the full length of his career to date. It’s presented here together with background notes and images.

1. Rodney’s Song

2. CC Ryder

3. Susie Q

4. Hey Joe

5. Linda Lou

6. Johnny B. Goode

7. Bad Case Of The Blues

8. Green Onions

9. Pete’s Blues

10. Sweet Dreams

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