Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Complete Albums 1965 – 1980 (14CD Box Set)

Complete Albums 1965 – 1980 (14CD Box Set)

Paul Butterfield was the first white harmonica player to develop a style original and powerful enough to place him among the true blues greats. His initial recordings from the mid-60s featuring the legendary ‘Paul Butterfield Blues Band’ were eclectic, ground breaking tracks fusing electric blues with rock & roll, psychedelia, jazz and even Indian classical music. He released 12 studio albums over his career as well as an array of live albums and compilations with his most famous compositions being ‘Born in Chicago’, ‘Love March’ and ‘Our Love Is Driftin’’. In 2006, he was inducted into the Blues hall of fame for his contributions to bringing blues-style music to a younger and broader audience.

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