Blind Lemon Jefferson – How Long, How Long Lasting Loving (Vinyl LP)

How Long, How Long Lasting Loving (Vinyl LP)

The Father of Texas blues, Blind Lemon Jefferson began a successful recording career for Chicago’s Paramount Records in 1926, recording over 100 sides in just three short years, right up until his premature death at age 35 in 1929. Wildly popular, he was one of the first male blues guitar players to achieve national acclaim. His versatile guitar style and two-octave vocal range—which allowed him to sing in an impossibly high register—made his style unique among country blues singers. Influencing the likes of Leadbelly (with whom he played frequently while still in Texas) and Lightnin’ Hopkins, his songs (often thinly veiled protest songs) have also been covered by many rock artists including The Beatles, Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead. All songs recorded in 1928 and originally released as Paramount singles.

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