Gigs I really wished I had been to and for whatever reason didn’t get to see. Part #1. Led Zep and The Who

Probably top of the list is Led Zeppelin appearing at UMIST for the princely sum of 7s 6d, or in today's money about 33p. I have to say, with some acute embarrassment, that I didn't go simply because I didn't like the spelling of the name. I thought it pretentious. Turns out that it wasn’t – but that I was. Such is the stupidity of closed minded students of which most surely I was one of that instance.

The first album had already come out and truth be told I wasn't particularly keen on Robert Plant's style of shrieking and 'Communication Breakdown', one of the tracks seemed like an unholy mess to me. Sadly I should have thought it through!

Second on the list was the opportunity to go and see the Who when they recorded 'Live at Leeds'. Leeds was not that far away from Manchester and having only recently come to terms with, at that point, the most explosive live performance I had ever seen, which was the Who at Manchester University, for some idiotic reason I couldn't make the effort to go to Leeds. Possibly there was a practical consideration, in that being perpetually hungry, although far from starving and given that grants were tight it is possible, although it embarrasses me to think about it now that I spent the money for the coach fare on a meat pie and chips. How dreadful to contemplate.