Best music to play when auditioning new equipment?


In the string on the Munich show 'I should Coco' said this: "How can I possibly assess how a system sounds with a recording and music I'm not familiar with and either dislike or have no interest in?"
in response to comments that it didn't matter if you knew the music being played at shows-or even liked it.
On one level, I understand this. But there could be a downside?
Music you're familiar with - would you listen as closely to it?
Rather than the 'what's this' effect of stuff you don't know?
Listening to favourites could be diluted as your mind recalled times and places you've heard it before, so instantly, you're NOT concentrating on it but going off into memories!
Of course the other side is the infamous 'I heard details I didn't know were there' bit!
I guess in the end, it's better if you can audition at home for a while.

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