Anyone any experience with the Chord hugo 2? Is it overpriced over-hyped or is there anything similar better IYO?

I'm very keen on the idea of having an ultramodern DAC.

I'm eager to perhaps try another Chord product as I did own the QBD76 for a short time. That did absolutely nothing for me and reading the reviews led me to believe it was the best DAC in the world bar the DAVE. I have listened to the DAVE and I thought that was impressive but out of my price range for toys. I didn't think the QBD was anything special and aside from the sound it made a really annoying clicking sound every time you used the Bluetooth signal, and it would click loudly again when the signal stopped (an Arcam irdac V1 did the same also). I might have put up with it if the sound was jaw dropping but I found it far from it.

I still haven't heard much to de-throne my trusty old Trichord Pulsar one with power supply (that I enjoy as much anyway). So why ......

Dip in and out HERE

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