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The 70s was the golden age of audio and certainly that was when the foundations for modern day analogue were laid down.

As the curtains closed on the 70s, there appeared a small, notorious but notable company, Pink Triangle.

Making the headlines, it is no exaggeration to say that Pink Triangle was responsible for turning the whole turntable scene upside down whilst at the same time heralding a new age for turntable development and helping to bring it to where it is today.

At the time, not only did turntables all sound radically different, there was no reference against which to evaluate them. They got away with reproducing records in quite different (and thus quite inaccurate(!)) ways.

Yet the master tape used to cut the records has only one sound, so for a turntable to approach this standard was and remains truly demanding.
Pink Triangle launched onto the scene using master tape as its reference.
Turntable after turntable fell by the way side, for instantly the comparisons showed up serious colourations and limitations.

We recall that at the time objections to using master tape saying it was not a real-world situation. (Well, they had to try something)

But Pink Triangle stood for a standard and started to un-pick decades of poor design:

  • PT pioneered the use of the light and rigid sub-chassis, which was also non-symmetric and hence less prone to resonance.
  • It argued against the use of the soft useless mats of the day, and, shock horror, it invented the use of “hard” acrylic onto which the record directly sat in order to match the impedance of the record to the platter and so reduce colourations.
  • Instead of the AC motor, which had been king, it selected instead a DC motor to provide a super smooth drive.
  • For greater drive stability, it employed an inverted bearing – this was the precursor to Vector Drive.
  • Needle Talk adjustment for arm energy dissipation
  • The system was designed with a Centre of Mass that was co-linear with Centre of Gravity.
  • It showed the massively beneficial effect of putting the Motor in line with stylus

Now look around at the modern turntable. How many now use, no, rely on those original ideas? From the most budget conscious to the most expensive, the ghost of Pink Triangle is everywhere.

We are not saying there have not been other ideas, but in writing this, we genuinely tried to think of other companies who could make similar claims for so many ideas…and we came up short.

Innovation upon innovation, Pink Triangle has certainly reserved its place in the history and evolution of the modern turntable. That is something no one can take that away.

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