Transmission Impossible – Miles Davis (3CD) by Miles Davis

Transmission Impossible - Miles Davis (3CD)

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3 CD SET FEATURING CLASSIC LIVE RECORDINGS FROM MILES DAVIS With enthusiasm for the music of Miles Davis stretching way further than that for any other Jazz musician who ever produced a note, and the new bio-pic movie about Miles life creating even more interest, the time could not be better for the release of this 3 CD Collection of rare live material from the maestro.

Featuring recordings from; Rotterdam 1967, Boston 1972, Tokyo 1975, Fukuoka (Japan) in 1981, and even a bonus cut from Tokyo in 1985, this mixed bag of eras and styles illustrates well the pre and post mid 1970s hiatus Miles Davis, a period highlighted in the aforementioned new film.

Complete with details of all featured line-ups and illustrated with rare photographs this triple disc fold out digi-pac set will prove an essential addition to any Miles Davis collection.

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