The DaVinci Group Launches Signature Series

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The DaVinci Group (TDG) has launched its new Signature Series line. First shown as a prototype at CEDIA 2015, the Signature Series concept featured a new form factor that attracted the attention of TDG dealers, and many volunteered their suggestions on an ongoing basis as the company worked on subsequent iterations refining the design, resulting in the creation of the IWLCR-66 and IWS-210, the first of the series that are now shipping.

After a series of design revisions, each of which went through extensive testing and voicing, TDG showed the final design at CEDIA 2016, promising to ship by the end of the year. Keeping their promise, the first two models in the Signature Series, the IWLCR-66 and the IWS-210 began shipping in late December.

TDG engineers sought to take a fresh approach to providing high-performance sound for dedicated home theaters, offering an unobtrusive, in-wall solution that can deliver performance and sound pressure levels comparable to that of tower or freestanding box speakers.

Because of the physical dimensions (26 inches x17 inches), each model in the Signature Series features ......

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