“I love classical music, but I don’t have a real understanding of it in terms of the emotion. I’m not looking to learn about the composers and I don’t want to learn an instrument, but I want to know more about how what moves me moves me. Does that make sense? Can you recommend a book or books?”

Howard Popeck: Certainly. Now forgive me for saying this, but it is possible to over-analyse the wonder of music, the magic and the emotion. It’s a danger, but somehow I sense you aren’t going to fall into the trap. The most wonderful book on the sheer unadulterated joy of classical music without the usual patronising tone that accompanies these sorts of things I have ever read, and one of the finest I have read on any subject is “The Piano Shop on the Left Bank” by T. E Carhart. ISBN number 0-099-28823-0.

I am indebted to Antony Michaelson of Musical Fidelity for his gift of my copy. It truly changed my life for the better. It might do the same for you. I hope so. I cannot recommend it too highly.