PINK TRIANGLE: 2018 – persistent rumours

A few months back, the beginnings of a rumour about PT re-emerging ‘sometime in the future’ came to our attention. The source was a valued ‘informer’ who to date has been accurate in their predictions. The rumours grew. So this afternoon HP spoke directly with Arthur K at Funk Firm to find out if it’s true.

The ever-affable but permanently stressed (“So much to do, so little time; there’s the Bristol Show, Munich, and, and …..”) said that currently he wouldn’t confirm these rumours but encouragingly - we thought - stated that he hadn’t ruled it out and was under consideration but “Funk Firm must come first”.

HP asked if he could place a deposit (bit premature I thought, seeing as he didn’t ask the price, but then that’s him all over) on a 2018-build PT Anniversary with battery PSU.

AK said that no, because such a device doesn’t exist. After a suitable pause he added “yet

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Also, re Bristol Show


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