MQA 6 months later- have thoughts evolved?

I want to readdress the MQA discussion, now that it's been around for a while. I need to make some major changes- I had a Squeezebox Touch die, LMS no longer supports Tidal, I am getting sick of my Audio Physic Virgos, etc.

So thinking about many options, most of which include a new DAC somewhere in the chain (probably not integrated within an active speaker- that just scares me repair- and obsolescence- wise). I have listened to MQA almost daily since early spring , but only in my office with cheap Meridian E2 and Audioengine computer speakers, and when I happen upon something in Tidal that is MQA. I am thus willing to accept that my meh MQA experience is not totally fair. I did bring a Brooklyn home for a short while, and again I wasn't that impressed, but the MQA content on Tidal was pretty limited and the demo was short.

So do people think that MQA is worth limiting the DAC options? Otherwise I would probably get a second hand Chord 2Qute, which I like and is cheaper than a Brooklyn by far.


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