How to Merge Your Digital Life With Analog Components

Essence Electrostatic Systems write:  When it comes to how we store our music these days, there’s no doubt that nothing beats digital for convenience. Thats why we call it your digital life.  Your favorite songs are on your Smartphone, Tablet, PC, Tablet Kontrolor other digital player, mostly at MP3 low resolution to save space, but always with you. MP3 is fine for headphones but it distorts when played loud on a stereo system. Thats what compression does, it squashes the dynamic range (life) out of your music so it takes up less space.  To restore the dynamic range, you need a “digital hub”, a device that can “up-sample” your low res music to 24 bit/192K Hi-Res so you can crank it up at home when you want to rock. The sound quality is stunning, the best fidelity in audio history.

Thats why Neil Young is behind it with his own Pono Hi Res Music service. Once you hear it, you’ll understand.

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