Vintage hifi and modern

I have recently purchased a Cyrus Lyric all in one and Focal Aria 926 floor standing speakers. I am very pleased with this set up but have to say that when compared to a vintage system I run in a holiday home I am very fortunate to own, the new system in terms of pure musicality is not as good as the 'vintage' set up. The vintage system comprises Cyrus 2 amp Cyrus FM7 Mission PCM 4000 CD player and Rogers SL7t speakers. All the components have been owned by me since the mid 1980s. The amp had a makeover a couple of years ago. I like listening to Radio 3 and I have to say the overall sound quality of the vintage system is superb. Of course it doesn't do all the other things the Lyric can, such as uncompressed streaming via Tidal, which I am very impressed with.

I am also fortunate to own another partially vintage system comprising Quad 404 amp, pre amp and tuner which I play through Kef Ls50s in a study. This is also very good but I am not sure the Kef speakers would be so good in a larger room.

Given the time that has elapsed since the vintage equipment was acquired, it is surprising that supposedly high end modern equipment is not a marked improvement, in the way that cars are for instance.

Does anyone have any comments on the above. Perhaps the Lyric/Focal Aria set up is not as 'high end' as the vintage equipment was in its day. I remember selling my entire LP collection to a bloke in the pub for 50p each to get together the £350 the Rogers speakers cost in 1987!

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