Perhaps ‘vintage’ is the wrong title?


I was out scooping vinyl with Tony L today and we got talking about this section of the forum and how we'd like it to take off more.

A vibrant and active 'vintage' section might show as being more eclectic than a naim/Linn forum. Don't get me wrong I run a Linn/Naim rig myself but there is tons of brilliant kit out there from the seventies and eighties, much of it forgotten that is still capable of turning in a good performance.

For instance my son has got a set up to see him through uni of Revolver Rebel, A&R A60, Cambridge CD4, Rega Kytes and it always amazes me how good it sounds considering it cost all of £190 for the lot. I reckon it would give many brands' entry level systems a run for their money. Now I realise that such brand names may not be considered 'vintage', but its all old, still serviceable and sounds great.

So come on lets hear from you owners of such kit, as well as the Radford, Quad and Leak owners.


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