MERIDIAN: Core 200 and DSP3200 test review


HiFi Choice writes as follows:  Meridian Audio is a highend company with a difference, its products are largely dependent on being used within a complete Meridian system in order for them to be able to do everything in an extensive list of features.

The new DSP3200 is the least expensive active speaker in the range and it has been designed to be exclusively used with one of the company’s control units, be that a preamp/processor, CD player or a Sooloos music server. It has the same proportions as the mid-treble part of the range-topping DSP8000, but contains completely different drivers and electronics. It’s the latter that mark this out as not merely an active speaker, but a DSP-controlled design where everything is done in the digital domain. The Audio Core 200 pre/processor is the most affordable entry point to Meridian control. It’s effectively a preamplifier, albeit one with analogue, digital and dock inputs and outputs that are dedicated to Meridian active speakers.