Blues rock for the kiddies; Peter Green he ain’t!

Howard Popeck writes: Equilibrium - by Aynsley Lister / Lauded by some as the broad shoulders on which the long-awaited Blues revival sits, here what I wrote shortly before giving the CD away. Gave it away 'cos there were so many for sale – for pennies – on eBay.  To me, not quite the blues prodigy that some are saying. Technically very competent but the bland lyrics ("Forever" is buttock-clenching crass) and the carbon-copy Fleetwood Mac style over-ripe production ("Tango In the Night" era) does detract from the blues playing. To me this recording is strictly a blues pastiche for the kids who don't know nor care about the genre. He's playing by the numbers. No risk taking. No excitement. Reeks of the record company smelling a potential new Kenny Wayne Shepherd (and that's were a real blues guitar prodigy resides) Ledbetter Heights

Okay, he's no Buddy Guy and how could he be? He's no Peter Green either. This talent needs a decent lyricist, a tight, hard-nosed and battle-hardened band, a stripped down approach and a bit of stubble to dim the impact of those pretty-boy looks. All this proves to me is that with a few notable exceptions, any attempts by us white folk to play `da blues is at best, vapid and at worst, disrespectful.