VTL: Luke Manley interviewed

Stereophile Magazine writes:

Jonathan Scull: How long has VTL been in business, Luke?

Luke Manley: My dad, David Manley, and I co-founded VTL in June of 1986. We started small on the East Coast, and soon after we moved to California.

Scull: Is it because you're really a West Coast kind of guy?

Manley: [laughs] You bet! There's a lot of supporting industries out there; a big base of electronics manufacturers, for example.

Scull: What, in the San Francisco area?

Manley: No, I'm speaking about Los Angeles. Even though I live near San Francisco, I keep the factory down there. You know, those support industries I mentioned—metalworkers, transformer vendors, distributors, and so on. Also, this way I keep the same core crew that I've had since we moved to California in '87.

Scull: I suppose it's inevitable that I ask you if you'd clarify the relationship between you and papa David at Manley Labs.

Manley: We've been totally

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