Comprehension of classical music interpretation

Now I've never consciously tried, but I don't think I am capable of picking out a musical "personality" in the way mentioned. I tend to like what I like, for reasons often ill-defined, or not defined at all. It would appear that, after 30-odd years of classical listening, I still have a very long way in my appreciation of music. How do other classical folk feel about this aspect of comprehension? Are you all whizzes at detecting such things?

Another thought is something that Murray Johnson (I think) said in his piece about Quad ESLs and why he didn't like them. He wanted, he said, to hear when Brendel "did something humorous", and chose his speakers accordingly. I begin to wonder whether I am a non-audiophile because I am in fact a musical Philistine! Oh well, too late now...

An interesting thread HERE on a subject close to my heart