STEREO SWAP SHOP: Our new free service

This is where you can state the item you want to swap and state which types of equipment you are interesting in swapping with.

The text book definition is "to give something and be given something else instead" For example "I'll swap you my chocolate bar for your peanuts". Here though it is two people swapping stereo equioment, and only stereo equipment.

On our site using our service there are no fees anywhere.

Here's an example:

You have (say) a Luxman FM tuner and you want to swap for a pair of headphones - and you don't want to pay anything. That's fine; we can help make it happen. Simple as that.

Or you have (say) a Michell Orbe and you want to swap for a different turntable + speaker cables. Well, that’s fine too. Any combination in either direction.

To state what you have to swap and what you are hoping for you contact us HERE

Whenever you like and as often as you like you can download a pdf showing who is offering what, and what they want. To view he latest just click HERE

If you spot a potential swap and want to be put in touch with the other person – in either direction – then send your request HERE. Then I'll let the swapper know of your interest by sending them your email – and away you go. Phone numbers are not requested here but once you establish an email dialogue then by all means swap numbers.

I expect people to play fair here. No money is to be requested in either direction please. These are direct swaps. Anyone found breaking this simple rule will be banned.

Please note I never have sight of and possess no knowledge of any items and as always I suggest you take all reasonable precautions.

Have fun

Neil McCauley / editor in chief

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