The brand that dare not speak it’s name

This Forum (WigWam) is not like the other beasts in the field . The sweet perfume of irreverence runs through most threads like quicksilver and I find it intoxicating and addictive . But that's enough of the kowtowing . I'm puzzled by the widespread ( but not universal ) sneering at kit made by Linn .

The difficult but brilliant Inspector John Rebus aspires to the ownership of a Linn Hi Fi . My youngest son has an A&R A60 driving a pair of Linn Index 2s and the sound is staggeringly good . Linn have always blown my socks off .Back in the early 80s the standard guru's answer to a system problem was to replace the offending item with Linn . Why is it the brand that dare not speak it's name on this Forum ? I never see much of the brilliant Arcam either but that , I suppose , is another story ,

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