Out of phase breaking in, Anyone ever hear of it?

OLC-question-markThe thread starts: This is a technique I have used to break in speakers in the past.Basically you place the speakers face to face with the drivers seperated by a small amount, maybe 2 inches or less between drivers. They you connect one speaker out of phase, negative wire to positive terminal. Finally you feed a mono signal, to the amplifier and play the sound at moderate levels.

The outcome of the process produces only a mild sound output since the out of phase signals largely cancel each other out. The cone range of motion is relatively large, and the speakers compliance is quickly opened up.

Care must be taken not to use this technique too long, you don't want to damage the speakers, just open the range up. This has worked magic for me, shortening break in time dramatically. Anyone else have any experience with this technique? Thoughts would be appreciated.

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