Musical Fidelity: Opinions sought, and offered re MF Pre and Power X-series


Grumbling women

The thread starts:  I've got an MF X-A100R amp that I've had since new (75W channel) and I want to add a power amp. I have Roksan Darius speakers, so monumental power isn't required. I just want effortlessness and sound stage.

I'm fairly wed to MF kit, because of the way it looks and its potential for internal upgrading (when it seems to come-good), and I want to keep the A100 R (remote) which was a present, and use it as a Pre (it has a pre-out). I have been looking for an X-AS100 as a Power Amp for it.

My question is this: is using the A100R integrated as a Pre a bad idea? Just because it has a Pre-out doesn't mean it's a good Pre-Amp...! Obviously, MF made the X-P100 as a Pre-Amp, that looks near identical from the outside. But it has very mixed love-hate reviews... I have no idea about the internal functionality, aside from the fact the X-P100 (also with a remote) has a phono stage, (but I have an X-LP for the A100R anyway, so that's not an issue).

Has anyone got any experience of using the pre-out facility on X-series integrated amps? GSrai... you might have...

Secondly, will adding a 100Wpc amp like the AS100 make much difference over the 75 integrated that the A100R is? I don't want to get into Bi-Amping and don't want to spend £250-£300 plus cabling on a X-AS100 to make no tangible difference.

Any insights would be much appreciated. Thanks, Richard


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