MONITOR AUDIO: Platinum Series PL500 II Loudspeaker test review

Julie Mullins (TAS magazine) wrote....

If you entered my living room (aka my listening room) right now, you might think, “What’s a nice gal like Julie doing with these enormous speakers?” Yes, up to now I’ve been charged with reviewing, shall we say, relatively small-scale equipment. Oh, it’s still serious hi-fi gear, but we’re talking midsized transducers along with a couple of components some might even call “cute,” female-friendly stuff. But for now, every time I enter that room and see the PL500 II towers—that tower over me by at least a foot—I get excited about this hobby all over again. (I even feel a little giddy!)

It’s been said that big loudspeakers mean big problems—and bigger bucks. Happily, neither claim rings true about Monitor Audio’s state-of-the-art flagship, the Platinum Series PL500 II. Tall, dark, and handsome, these boys impressed me from the very first time I heard them—at this year’s CES. (They also caught the attention of JV, who commented on them favorably in his Vegas show report.) The reason why I was impressed was simple: The PL500 IIs didn’t sound like any other Monitor Audio speaker I’d heard. In fact, in some ways—in their warm, rich musicality and overall driving energy—they reminded me of classic Raidho Acoustics speakers (minus the diamond drivers and nearly another zero on the price tag).

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