Loving these Monitor Audio MA-9’s!

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So I bought these on a local NZ auction site for $50NZD. Thought I'd give them a punt. I havent historically been a fan of Monitor Audio as I didnt really like the sound of a pair my dad once had. The cabinets had a few dings so I sanded them back and re-oiled them. Also need to re-cover the grilles - I have some nice retro brown-sound fabric coming.

I heard the drivers are made by KEF (the woofer at least) - not sure about the tweeter. I also heard that these were considered the "poor man's LS3/5A". The crossover is pretty spectacular for a small 2-way speaker I thought - I dropped a Solen in to replace the series tweeter cap.

What can I say - excellent and controlled bass, not bad mids, highs are really good too (but with just a hint of that "fried egg Monitor Audio" sound at the very top). They fill a room with sound no worries. Not so efficient though - but probably to be expected given the vintage. I'm glad the tweeters were still going when I got these.

Very very happy with these, made me totally reconsider Monitor as a badge - I'm more of a KEF man generally.

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