JOSEPH AUDIO: Perspective loudspeaker test review

John Atkinson writes:  For exhibitors, showing off their products at audio shows is a crap shoot. The vagaries of arbitrarily assigned hotel rooms with unpredictable acoustics can play havoc with the sound of even the best-sounding systems. But over the years I've been attending shows, Joseph Audio's dems have always impressed me with how Jeff Joseph manages to set up his speakers so that they work with instead of against a hotel room's acoustics. Yes, Joseph's setup skills, going back to his days in audio retail, play an important role here. But his speakers, too, need to be of sufficiently high quality to benefit from those skills. And if they can be made to sing in a hotel room, they will also stand a better-than-usual chance of doing so in audiophiles' homes.

Michael Fremer had raved about Joseph's stand-mounted Pulsar ($7700/pair) in June 2012, so I felt it would be a good idea to review the floorstanding Perspective ($12,999/pair), which combines the same SEAS tweeter as the Pulsar with two, rather than one, of that Norwegian company's magnesium-cone woofers. I'd originally asked Erick Lichte to review the Perspective. However, when I listened to the speakers in his Portland, Oregon, listening room, following a trip to San Francisco in the fall of 2012 to take part in a panel session on "The Loudness Wars" at the Audio Engineering Society convention, it was obvious that the Perspectives were incompatible with his room.

To say I was surprised by this incompatibility was an understatement, given my experience with ...........