Home insurance claims re audiophile equipment

"Anyone know how it goes? i have been paying for over 30 years without ever claiming, put a claim in for the LV's that my grandson damaged ( one speaker only) Claims handler rang me today and after 1 hour 10 mins ( i shit you not) of what i can only call interigation, they said they will proceed with the claim, but they will hand it over to a company called Be value? who they said will handle the repair side of things.

Now this is the bit i dont like, the speakers are book matched real wood veneered and after speaking to difinative they gave me a lot of very freindly advice and service supplying me with quotes, and options for repacing the cabinets with new ones or giving me a very generous trade in price against a new pair. Both options would be expensive but i have or had mint speakers worth a fair bit of cash, i mean retail these would be around the £2k mark. Im worried im not going to get a repair that will be totally invisable and leave the unit as new but still match the other speaker so not to look out of place.

I am pushing for new cabinet and as these can only be got in matched pairs im not sure how i will fair. Any help or advice gratefully accepted."


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