COLIN WONFOR: A stand-alone MM/MC phono stage in 2017?

Colin Wonfor

Hello Colin. I get the impression that your primary interest is in pre and power and integrated amplification. That said you do make, or have made in the past excellent phono stages built into your amplification. These are I believe highly regarded and yet as far as I can tell have no adjustment controls, by which I mean loading and so on other than switching from magnetic to moving coil and back.

Out there, or here there are no end of phono stages which have considerable numbers of controls in an attempt, possibly successful to get the very best out off any particular cartridge. Your approach appears to be a rarity and I'm sure you won’t comment on other designs, the LFD range of phono stages are highly regarded in some quarters yet have no controls whatsoever. What side of the fence to you sit?

Not wishing to second-guess you I’ve a feeling you’re of the view that if the phono stage is designed right in the first place, then there’s no need for these controls. If this is the case and please bear in mind that from a technology standpoint I am a novice, I can’t understand how these devices without controls sound so good. Is there a magic to this and if so could you enlighten me please? Are we likely to see a stand-alone phono stage from you in 2016/7?

MM is, sorry to report, a fixed loading so no controls needed. MC a current inducer so why do nearly everybody build MC stages a voltage amp and then load them? Oh dear! We need to read and understand this man and his lovely KISS law's_circuit_laws

I used this on a MC stage in the Magnum Pre-amp, it sounded amazing. I hope HFA will allow us to promote a kit design for this later this year; a nice toy and easy to build with care and no batteries.

Oh … and I’ve done a few stand-alone phono stages. The last one for public use was the TQ "Phono" which got fair reviews. Now no longer made by TQ but I might make a version of it one day soon. If so it will be sold via my new site one4audio – coming soon.

Thank you for the question.


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