CELESTION: 33 speakers – effect of driver resistance on crossovers

When i bought my Celestion 33s, both tweeters were blown. Bass & mid are marked 4 ohms. Tweeter is unmarked but a spec sheet confirms 4 ohm too & I also managed to get a reading of 3.4 ohm from one of the voice coils.

To get the 33s up & running I used the 'same' tweeters from the Celestion 15 XR but the speakers were shouty at the top end. These XR units are reading 7.2 ohms. I have now rebuilt the 33 tweeters with new voice coils which give the dc reading of 6.3 ohm. When installed in the 33s, these too where shouty but are perfect when installed in 15 XR speakers.

Now I know that if I put an 8 ohm unit on a crossover designed for 4 ohms, I am going to change the crossover frequencies. My question is, to reduce the 6.3 ohm tweeter load to around 4 ohms, can I attach a ~10 ohm power resistor in parallel across the tweeter? Would this work or am I in cuckoo land? I also would have thought that an 8 ohm tweeter would have been quieter in a 4 ohm circuit, not the other way around.

I am currently running with them (@6.3 ohm) in the 33s with a 1 ohm resistor in series to attenuate the HF a bit, but I can hear a bit of a clash between the mid & the treble. I have also reversed the tweeter phase temporarily which is helping a bit, but I would love to get back the mellow Ditton sound. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as these are doing my nut in.


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