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Madness – Welcome to the House of Vinyl

As a collector myself, I’ve long believed that ‘collecting’ (like any addiction) is a sort of madness. For some unfathomable reason, you become convinced that certain things are worth far more than they really are. It’s not helped by idiot reviewers raving over certain discs as though they possessed magical properties. The desire to own that rare LP overwhelms all reason – you simply have to have it, and hang the cost.

Then, suddenly, Reality checks in. You wake up and realise – it’s only a piece of black plastic with some grooves on it! I’ve seen the same thing happen with certain items of photographic equipment; ludicrous sums being paid for rare Leica items that really aren’t that special or (sometimes) even that useful. Those days are now passed; people today seem to have a much more grounded approach to the value of collectibles.

To be continued

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