When is “Classic” audio gear not “Classic”?

To avoid a thread hijack, I'm starting this one. I've had some bits of hifi equipment for a few years, the oldest being my Planar 3/R200/Dynavector 10x4, all early 1980s. The drive belt is now a white one, and I've changed the bearing ball for a ceramic ball. Otherwise, the deck is as I bought it.

Now, following a comment in another thread, I'm wondering if changing the motor will detract from it's "originality" enough to deter future buyers, or not? I appreciate that mechanicals wear out over the years, but my deck hasn't had a huge amount of use, so there's probably quite a bit of life left in the motor and arm bearings. I could send the arm to be serviced, to check the state of it. But a Rega motor replacement is worth doing, for the improvement it gives.

Obviously the cartridge will deteriorate, may be too far gone already, but it's a bit too expensive to service it, for me, anyway. I'm beginning to wish I'd still got the spare headshell - talk about short-sighted. So, the question is, is it ok to improve your "classic", so that it sounds better to you, or leave it alone while it's still working well?

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