Is there really life after electrostatics?

Sad days... due to an imminent house move, it looks as though I may have to part ways with my beloved Final 700 electrostatics. These speakers have been absolutely sensational for me, and I'll be gutted to have to part with them and find something smaller and less imposing in the new lounge space.

So the challenge is on to replace them with a stand mounter or a slim tower. I've been so enamoured with these for such a long time (over 8 years) that I'm really out of touch with what's available now in traditional (box) speakers.

Any suggestions for an open, revealing but intimate sounding speaker that is going to provide some of the transparency and speed that I've gotten used to in an electrostatic?

I don't even know where to start my shortlist...

I've heard great things about the Focal BE range, but never heard them personally. The PMC Twenty 23 provides the right sort of size footprint, but again not heard them, although I've got a demo at a dealer booked.

The speaker are going to be driven by Electrocompaniet 2* 250w mono-blocks. The room will be about 20x16 feet.

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