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As I look around my house and view vast number of shelves, all heaving with ‘worthless’ LPs and CDs, I can see the benefit of such an approach. You’re freer and less shackled. I sometimes think about moving house, but can’t face the prospect of shifting all those records. It’s not just a question of physically moving many thousands of items (though that’s bad enough), it’s the logistics of keeping them in some sort of order.

With a collection this size, you can’t just crate up your discs any old how. Each box or package needs to be catalogued so that some semblance of order remains. Otherwise, you’ll arrive at your new abode and spend the next ten years trying to sort things out. At one time there might have been the possibility of selling your collection. But now, I fear, it’s too late. Being near ‘worthless’, I can’t hope to get any sort of acceptable return…


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