“The PU7 looks like the way to go because I’m tired of Linn’s audiophoool prices”


The thread starts:  Hi All, Recently I contacted audio origami for some LP12 oil. I was very pleased with the quick turn around time, reasonable price and effortless purchase. While browsing the Audio Origami site I thought I might like to replace my Ittock which I have owned for the last 20+ years. The PU7 looks like the way to go because I'm tired of Linn's audiophoool prices. However, while doing my research I ended up on the Linn forum - wow, there are some nasty things being said about the PU7. This contradicts what I have read else where. So what's the best way to go, pro's and con's: PU7 or Used EKOS? They are similarly priced.


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