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Zesto Audio is pleased to announce their first audio accessory, the Andros Allasso Step Up Transformer. The international debut will take place at the X-FI Audio Show in Holland on September 30th and the US launch will be at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, CO, October 6-8 in exhibit room #7009 at the Marriott Tech Center.

The most flexible Step Up Transformer available on the market!
Unlike most step up transformers (SUT) which are customized to a specific phono cartridge with few adjustments, Zesto Audio's Allasso is the most versatile SUT on the market today with 40 adjustments in Mono and 40 adjustments for your stereo MC cartridge.
Zesto Audio is a company known for their award winning musical Phonostages.
Easy to Use -
All the adjustments are easily accessible on the front and can be done "on the fly" without clicks or pops. Best of all there are no math skills required, it's just you and your ears as you freely adjust, listen and find the best match for your cartridge.
Unique features -
The most prized Allasso features are the 4 gain settings of 17dB, 21dB, 23dB and 26dB and the step up ratios of 1:4, 1:6, 1:8 and 1:12 with 10 load positions for each setting allowing for 40 adjustments in Stereo and 40 in Mono. The Mono switch is a unique feature which takes one input and sends it to both outputs. Mono cartridge lovers have the added benefit of listening in either the Mono or Stereo.
It's very quiet!
Transformer - The Allasso is designed with the highest quality multiple turn ratio MC transformers. This allows you to get the right gain and loading for your cartridge resulting in the most detail and great stereo imaging. They are quiet, with extra shielding and large enough with the multiple windings to handle even your high output cartridges.
Grounding -The extensive grounding scheme is designed into the circuitry, binding posts and enclosure. The input ground lift switches help eliminate those pesky ground loops, especially in your Mono cartridges. The RCA connectors are high quality, gold plated with an isolated ground.
George Counnas is the founder, president and design engineer for Zesto Audio. He has loved music all his life and went from a musician, to an electronics engineer, to an audio engineer. As a young man in England, in his first shop class project he built a tonearm. Later in college he designed vacuum tube circuits and his first amplifier.
He worked for DECCA Navigator (now Raytheon), at the time Britain's largest electronics company, as part of the research and development team designing airborne navigational systems for the Royal Air Force. George brings to Zesto Audio the unique set of talents of not only designing, creating and manufacturing the highest build quality of high-end electronic equipment, but also as an audio engineer, he knows how great music should sound.
Zesto Audio was established in 2010 in Thousand Oaks, California. Zesto Audio is a manufacture of fine analog audio electronics specializing in vacuum tube technology. Their award winning products include the Andros 1.2 and Tessera Phonostage, the Leto Line amp and the Bia 120 Stereo power amp and Eros 300 Monoblocks
  • All Zesto Audio products are "Made in the USA"
  • The Andros Allasso retails for US $2,995 and sold through authorized dealers.
    For more information and detailed specs, please go to our website: www.zestoaudio.com

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