YG ACOUSTICS: BilletDome Tech

Greg Borrowman writes .....

The concept behind YG Acoustics’ new ‘BilletDome’ tweeter is so simple that the only wonder is that it’s never been done before. But, like many simple ideas, it’s also a brilliant one, and a great solution to a common problem.

In essence, what YG Acoustics has done is put a small triangular metal frame support behind a soft dome, using much the same design as the tent poles in a domed camping tent except that, unlike a camping tent, the soft fabric dome of YG Acoustics’ tweeter is completely self-supporting: the metal frame support merely prevents air pressure from deforming the soft dome inwards in the event that it’s moved too quickly in an outwards direction. (See image above, which shows the metal support inside the dome.)

The simplicity of the design is somewhat at odds with YG Acoustics’ statement that ‘the brand-new, patent ­pending BilletDome tweeter is YG Acoustics’ most complex mechanical invention to date: a resonance-­free soft dome is supported by a stiff, light air-frame machined from aluminium billet.’ The company’s press release goes on to say: ‘The airframe weighs a mere 30 milligrams but its critical sections are up to 14 times thicker than a typical hard dome, so its structural strength is vastly superior even to domes made of the most exotic hard materials. Finally, a tweeter that ends the age-­old debate of hard dome versus soft dome, by combining the best of both.’

At present, the new BilletDome tweeter is used only in YG Acoustics’ new Sonja XV system. For information about this system, click HERE

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