Graham Audio

They say: The LS5/8 is the BBC's flagship design, and was developed because of the need for higher sound pressure levels and greater transparency and consistency than the ageing LS5/5 offered. This was the first BBC loudspeaker to use a polypropylene diaphragm which, being lighter than Bextrene, offered greater efficiency and lower colouration. A carefully researched cone profile enables the unit to work successfully well into the midrange.

After many months of intensive development, the Graham Audio LS5/8 refines the concept further. Designed in conjunction with Derek Hughes and Volt Loudspeakers and manufactured under license in the UK, it features a unique 12 inch bass/mid unit that is married to the same 34mm Audax tweeter that is used in the LS5/9.

The design retains the same midrange clarity and balance of the LS5/9, but offers an extended bass response and greater authority at high level in larger rooms. The continuity of sound quality between the two designs means that engineers can move between the two different loudspeakers with complete confidence during the recording and mastering process.

The LS5/8 was originally conceived as an active design, but Derek Hughes has designed a passive crossover that greatly improves on the resolution and imaging of the original design while still conforming to the demanding BBC licence.

Tel: 0044 (0)1626 361168

System2 Way, reflex loading
EnclosureThin wall construction, birch plywood
FinishReal wood veneer
Dimensions76cm by 46cm by 40cm
Frequency response40Hz to 16kHz, ±3dB
Nominal impedance
Sensitivity89dB SPL (2.83V, 1m)
Maximum outputOver 110dB for a pair at 2m
Bass/midrange300mm Diaphnatone polypropylene
TweeterSon Audax HD13D34H
Recommended amplifier power50 to 250 watts unclipped programme


Part #1 of an in-depth interview with Paul Graham is scheduled to appear here in early December 2015