HARBETH: Devialet suitability?

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I had a day off today and booked a demo of the Devialet 110 with Harbeth Pesr and M30.1. Unfortunately the 110 wasn't in stock yet, so tried the D-Premier to get a flavour. As I already own the P3esr, I started there. It was certainly a wow experience! The Devialet was so transparent and effortless. The Harbeths didn't boom one bit when turned up, and treble remained sweet. I felt immersed and engaged in the music.

Then I tried the M30.1 and things improved further still. Bass was extended, detail was further refined and a greater sense of Realism. The P3 perhaps created a more obvious sound stage with that 'centre speaker' illusion. Loved both, as always... But the 30.1 had the edge in that particular space.

Recently I changed from Naim to Croft and Metrum and it's the best sound I have had to date. Today, the Devialet wasnt streets ahead, but it did take things to the next level (but then it is around £11,000 so that's understandable.) in comparison, my electronics are only around £4,000. This compares well to the new price of £4500 for the Devialet 110.

At this stage, it's hard to truly compare my system with the Devialet as it was in a showroom which was undoubtedly better than my lounge, but nevertheless I was very impressed. I certainly left the demo room smiling. However, it may not sound quite so special in my lounge, but I'm interested in a home demo of the 110.

Also, not sure how the new 110 will measure up to the D-Premier, so will be interested to hear if it's anywhere near.

Has anyone else heard the Devialet at all? Especially the 110 compared to the Premier? I have to say, if it is anywhere near as good as the Premier, I would seriously consider going for one despite recently buying (and liking very much) the Croft Pre Power. It can be an expensive hobby!"


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