TECHNICS: Their 1200 – worth considering or just misplaced sentimentality?

I've been slowly changing my system over the last year and feel i am getting nearer to what i want.So far i have come from a Marantz CD63 ki signature, arcam alpha 9/9p and some wharfedale evolution speakers to the system in my signature.

The first system cost me about £1800 and served me well for about 10 years(speakers were a latter addition) or so but i always felt that better could be had,and went through a few speakers to get what i wanted but to no avail.

So a total overhaul was needed.I decided to go down the computer audio route and got a second hand silent custom pc for £150 next was a beresford 7520 dac cost was £170ish.I also decided to try active speakers for the first time and managed to get some Tapco S8 monitors for £140.I added some mark grant cables through out.Latest addition is the Croft micro 25 pre amp which I've got for £480(not recieved yet so cannot comment on that yet but I have had a croft micro basic25 in it's place till it arrives) Cost of current system around £900 with the basic 25 just over £1000 with the micro 25.


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