STAX: Quattro 2

Dear Howard, Thanks for keeping me in the loop.Sadly, my Quattro 2 player is down. The tech guy said that the Sanyo IC controlling transport was not working anymore and the search for it has gone nowhere. Last year I saw an ad for one on audiogon for just $200 but the American seller seemed to be reluctant to ship to Vietnam. Btw, the player is actually 2 separate parts, the first one is like a cheap Yamaha transport and the second part is real magic. It uses a lot of German made parts and has two PCM 63K DAC.

It seems like we can mod it so that a different transport can be used with the DAC part but it may not fit in the chassis. Anyways, I still hope I can get mine back one day, fully working. I miss it so much!.



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