NIKKO: How can this vintage TRM 230 sound so good?


Just unplumbed the Lyngdorf in readiness for its replacement, and rather than have no music until the new amp arrives, I plumbed in an amp over 40 years old....and it sounds stunning! I have actually used it before when my Classe pre was away at repair, as it has split pre and power, it certainly held its own compared to a pre amp that cost almost £2.5k, and what is it......? it's a humble Nikko TRM 230, which was probably only £50 to £85 when it was new!

Even with the highly slated QED Silver Anniversary, it is sounding excellent, with oodles of bass, and bags of detail. I'm not saying it's in the same league as the Lyngdorf, but it's certainly not a bad stand in! The down sides of it are very old fashioned speaker din connections, which I've taped the cable to, and 5 pin din inputs, and no remote.

Still reeling from how bloody great it sounds!

Anyone else ever had this kind of experience?

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