Using a “Hi-Fi” Pre with a “Studio” Power Amp… set-up?

Does anyone here have experience with this?

Over on my recent "High-End (ahem!) British Amp" thread, I was advised that one solution to a budget 'Power + SQ' combo would be using a Studio-brand power amp at home, like Mc2 or Yamaha. Presumably fed by a decent pre-amp as I have multiple sources to connect.

I notice that most home-use power amps have no (front panel) volume controls of their own, whereas many Studio or PA ones do. So here's a question - when connecting a pre-amp, which has a volume control, to a power amp which also has volume controls, what's the best way to set them up?
Should one leave the power amp volume all the way up, at 100%, and control overall vol from the pre? (In practice this can mean that a comfortable listening level in the room is the pre-amp vol dial 2mm up from 0!)
Or set both for a comfortable listening level?(for instance both volume controls at 30% if that is an average listening level for the room)

If the power amp is only set at 40-50% does that mean that it will not be driving the speakers at its full power potential?

Are there considerations for choosing a correct pre for such a power amp? in terms of output levels etc? For instance would a low output tube pre potentially not be feeding sufficient signal to a power amp?

Very interested to hear from anyone with experience of this.

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