The sound from a good FM tuner…. WOW

The thread starts: "I was recently bitten by the FM bug through the purchase of a £19 Teac tuner to listen to The Proms. It sounded good enough to get me curious as to what a 'proper' tuner might sound like. So I started my search for the next rung up the ladder. Reading through the various options, I decided to go with something from Naim.

Fast forward to today and I now have a mint NAT03. I really am astonished by how good this thing sounds on a good live broadcast. It's just so musical, natural and listenable. Very happy indeed.

I'm very lucky to live close enough to my local FM transmitter to not need a roof mounted, multi-element aerial. The NAT03 seems to be happy enough with one of these ribbon jobbies from Maplin:

Any other radio guys here on PFM? If so, I'd be keen to hear of your experiences with the format

In the meantime, here's a shot of the beastie:"