IMF: Owners thread

The thread starts .....

Welcome to the IMF Owners thread. Pull up a chair and stay a while. There's a few of us kicking around here on AK. Of course you all know I'm a big IMF fan.I've put together a bunch of resources for restoring IMF speakers in a post here. I currently own the following:

IMF Reference Standard Professional Monitor Mk IV
2x IMF Super Compact, one will soon be modded to be like an IMF Super Compact II

I have owned the IMF TLS 50 II and IMF TLS 80 II in the past.

So what do you guys have or have owned in the past? Share your thoughts on this oddball brand as well. And of course, put up some pictures. :yes:

Here is a shot of when I had both the IMF TLS 50 II and IMF TLS 80 II: You can see some of the non-original drivers in the second shot there, notably the ......

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