HARBETH: Super SHL5 Loudspeakers test review


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They just get on with delivering a well controlled, revealing insight into the recorded music.  Whilst part of this is no doubt down to the driver and cabinet design, a lot is also down to the excellence of the crossover design.  It’s as seamless as I’ve heard.  There was a slight peakiness noticed on a few tracks in the upper treble but in fairness this could be down to the recordings themselves or the fact that the speakers need a little bedding in time (don’t forget, I ran them straight out of the box).

For those wanting fireworks in the treble and thunder in the bass in a way that dominates everything else, you may want to look elsewhere.  For those wanting music to be portrayed as naturally as you’re likely to hear it this side of £15K, then form an orderly queue please.  If the balance doesn’t win you over then the sound staging will.  They have the sort of imaging that previously I’d only ascribed to dual concentric or the likes of Quad ESLs. However, the Harbeths sweet spot is better than any electrostatic I know of and their bass more tuneful.  In short, these things are quite remarkable and because I can’t help myself, they’re also now keepers which says it all from my own point of view.

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