FUNK: Vector Turntable + Moth Mk 3 Incognito Arm + Lyra Dorian test review

Funk Vector Turntable, Moth Mk 3 Incognito Arm & Lyra Dorian Cart

Wayne Garcia .....

After an 8-year absence, the man behind Pink Triangle is back With a shape and color reminiscent of one of those pulsating blobs from a ps ychedelic light show , the Funk Firm Funk Vector —and just tr y to top that name —is , if nothing else , a most eye-catching design . But the $1950 Funk is more than just a funky shape with a funky name; it’s also a very good sounding turntable that springs from one of our most original thinkers on vinyl playback, Arthur Khoubesserian, the man behind Pink Triangle.

Seasoned audiophiles will recall the Pink Triangle turntables that were in production from roughly 1983 to 1999. They, too, were rather unusually shaped things that became known for certain design innovations, at least one of which has become nearly ubiquitous—the bare (as in no mat) acrylic platter. Before Pink Triangle came along, most LPs sat on platters made of metal or some other rigid surface covered with a felt, cork, rubber, or other type mat to dampen vibration as well protect the LPs underbelly. Reckoning that non-matted and undamped acrylic would create a superior record/platter impedance match, Khoubesserian and Pink Triangle pioneered the acrylic platter. He added other twists, too, such as inverting the main bearing and mounting a low-vibration DC motor directly on the turntable’s sub-chassis (AC motors were the accepted standard for belt drives of the day).


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