FUNK FIRM: The Award winning company.

They say .....

Which to buy?

Today, there are far more companies making record decks than in the hey days of the seventies, leaving the prospective purchaser bewildered.

Who to award?

The situation is no less for magazines giving out awards, pointers to help you the purchaser in your decision making process.

With so much competition, for any company to win one award is in itself an achievement, never mind more than one… Every single Funk product has won an award, often more than one. We list but one per product - more than that and we are showing off!

  • Little Super Deck - Stereophile
  • Vector - HiFi World
  • Flamenca - Absolute Sounds
  • Saffire - Revue Nouvelle du Son
  • FXR II - Hi Fi World
  • Achromat - HiFi Choice
  • SD Grande with F512 and FX3? Too new for an award as yet, its measurements have quite astonished Audio magazine: with Wow & Flutter the lowest they have ever measured, the turntable has “Perfect measurements”. The arms are described as “resonance-free”. The overall combination? A “bargain”.

Such universal praise can be …..

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