CAMBRIDGE AUDIO: iD100 iPod, iPhone dock test review


Noel Keywood (HiFi World) writes: Beware – docks for Apple i-items may use analogue or digital audio, because the multipin output connector offers both. Manufacturers commonly don’t make clear which one is used, but best quality comes from the digital feed because it is not sullied by the player’s internal digital convertor. Cambridge, being nifty when it comes to digital devices of quality, recently introduced the iD100 dock for iPod and iPhone. It extracts their digital output so high quality conversion to analogue can take place outside the player.

There are no analogue audio outputs, meaning no onboard DAC, so you cannot just connect it into your stereo with a pair of phono cables. Instead it has a full array of digital outputs, meaning S/PDIF in balanced AES/EBU form via an XLR socket, an optical TOSLINK and an electrical link via a phono socket.

You need either a high quality …………..

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