ADCOM: Calling all Adcom enthusiasts

I remember as a kid seeing the GFA 555 line. There was one higher than that if I remember. I talked to a guy who swears Adcom amps will make the kappa 9's I have sound better. I love Mcintosh and have a MC 2500 which I also love. BUT I have never owned or heard an adcom. I'm curious, and ya never know maybe the Adcom MIGHT sound better or different. Not sure Id sell the mac, but I MIGHT be interested in mono blocking some adcoms, just to hear them so I can know what I like better by of course hearing both. I know like many audio compnies Adcom got sold at some point, when was that? whats the last genuine adcom? what is their best pre amp as well? thanks in advance for anyone who imparts their knowledge.

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