A great sounding pre-owned system for around £400

Happy-jumping-businessmanThere are fantastic pre-owned bargains out there. We all know this. That said, many enthusiasts just don’t know to what extent the system components work well together, if at all! In short – is there system synergy? Who knows?

I do!

Me? I'm Neil McCauley - Editor in chief. Truthfully ... I get bigger kick out of assembling systems based on pre-owned bargains (many of which I have had direct personal experience with) at £400 than I do systems at £20k using brand new kit. Obviously I'm not saying a £400 system gets anywhere near close to the thrill of one at £20k BUT more often that not, a £400 system can sound really good and for many, truth be told, it's sufficient.

So every now and then (if I spot pre-owned items which I know work well together) I'll  show you a 2-channel system that punches far above its weight and for one lucky owner might save them many hundreds of £s compared to buying new. For simplicity I won’t include interconnects nor speaker cables nor stands; I will on your behalf focus on the ‘boxes’.

The nature of these bargains means that some will not stick around long – sometimes only for a few hours. It really is first come – first served at the sub £400 for a complete system end of the market!

My CD player recommendation @ £120

My amplifier recommendation @ £100

My speaker recommendation @ £120

TOTAL £340

Thanks; Neil McCauley / editor in chief

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